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Another year... [Saturday
7:31pm September 10th]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Gah. The more things change the more they stay the same. Still always in trouble, still chasing after girls, still...well...still everything.


1:35am October 25th]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Haven't posted because I've been busy. Trying to make this Quidditch team is crazy hard. Plus, with all the Ravenclaws yelling in the library, it's pretty difficult to get work done. I've had to resort to hiding in the Common Room, behind the couch. Don't come looking for me, I'll trip you or something.

Wonder how the Bears are doing at home? Probably not well. Damn, I miss electronics when I'm here.

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11:52pm October 16th]
[ mood | blah ]

Seems like we've just gotten here and the teachers are pouring it on thick. Instead of going to that cute Hufflepuff's birthday party, I'm stuck doing wretched Arithmancy. At least it's not as bad as Divination.

Maybe if I quit procrastinating, I can still sneak over there.

Ha, that's a good one.

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Honestly... [Friday
10:37pm October 15th]
[ mood | Girls. My Lord, what insanity. ]

You know, I've been here for so long that occasionally stupid English-isms get stuck in my mouth. For example, I was horrified to hear myself say "bloody" today when talking about McGonagall. BLOODY? The blokes at home are going to kill me.

Did I just say blokes?


Anyway, I feel kind of homesick. It always happens at the beginning of the term. Plus, seeing THE EX didn't help either. Yes, SHE deserves capitals. SHE gave me the ugliest look ever when I saw HER the other day. God, what a shrew. I just hope SHE doesn't try to get back at me or something.

I sound like a soap opera. Can't wait until the first Quidditch game.

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